The technological advances in the notarial profession include the option to sign a notarial act remotely. Although this option offers much flexibility, it’s the notary who decides on the method used by determining the most appropriate signature method. 

A notary must respect all the rules and obligations regulating their profession, regardless of the signature method. If conditions are lacking, the notary can refuse to use remote signing. 

If you’re not comfortable with this method, you don’t have to use it. Feel free to advise your notary, who will suggest an alternative so they can provide their service with complete confidence.

Important advice: Choose a comfortable, isolated location where you can fully concentrate

A few key rules

  • Avoid all public spaces
  • Don’t do anything else at the same time (no doing the dishes or driving – yes, it’s already happened!)
  • Make sure all your devices are in working order

Equipment and requirements 

  • An email address (your own, not shared)
  • Two or three pieces of ID, including one photo ID (the notary will have previously asked for a copy of the IDs. It is vital to use a secure delivery method.)
  • Good quality Internet connection
  • A technological device (cellphone, tablet or computer) to receive the email and to authenticate yourself
  • The technological device must have a camera and microphone
  • Earphones or headphones to maintain the confidentiality of the discussions

Are you using a tablet, smartphone or the Safari browser on a Mac? Download the free Microsoft Teams app. (You don’t need to create an account.)


Your notary will assist you in real time throughout the remote signing process and provide instructions.

Verification procedure

During the videoconference, the notary will verify your identity. The notary can take screenshots for their records and ask you to move your piece of ID in front of the camera to check the security features. The notary will also make sure that there is no fraud or influence from a third party, and that you are giving your informed consent. 

Signer un acte notarié technologique à distance

Once finalized, your notary will send you a true certified copy. If you receive a copy in electronic format, you can validate it online.