A notarial act signed electronically does not necessarily mean the same thing as signing remotely. From now on, your notary can sign notarial acts electronically, directly at their office. Deeds or acts on paper, in the traditional sense that we know, are about to disappear. The profession is modernizing and going paper-free.


  • An email address (your own, not shared)
  • A technological device (cellphone, tablet or computer) to receive the email and to authenticate yourself
  • Two or three pieces of ID, including one photo ID


The meeting proceeds as usual when a technology-based notarial act is signed at the notary’s office. When the act is to be signed, the notary will provide the necessary technological medium and will guide you through every step of this process. 

Once finalized, your notary will send you a true certified copy. If you receive a copy in electronic format, you can validate it online.