Since April 1, 2020, it is possible to perform technological notarial acts! The Minister of Justice and Notary General of Quebec informs us that Order-in-Council 2022-4841 (available in French only), dated August 24, 2022, has renewed the authorization to close, remotely or not, notarial acts in minute form on a technological support until August 31, 2023. Thus, notaries can continue to offer this service to the public.

The authenticity of the deeds, the notary’s expertise and the sound advice provided by your notary are unchanged. The service remains the same, regardless of the medium of the notarial act or the technological tools it uses. It will always be, and above all, a 100% human service, using new tools.

Towards fully digital notarial deeds

Within the next few years, 100% of notarial deeds will be signed using technological means. Traditional paper-based deeds will be no more. Ultimately, notarial deeds will no longer be kept in a physical vault, but in a highly secure centralized cloud-based registry. Your notary will continue to provide you with the same legal protection you have always had!

Signing a technology-based notarial deed

How is a technology-based notarial deed prepared and signed? We will demystify it all for you.

Notarial security in the digital age

Shining a light on the methods and procedures in place to guarantee a secure experience.

Certified true copy

Paper or digital format? Everything you need to know about certified true copies of a technology-based notarial deed.