Legal counsel

Among the mass of information that circulates, the notary is a key player in enabling the public to find their way around, to make better choices, to protect their heritage, to ensure that their wishes will be known and respected.

Role of the notary and preventive justice

As agreement specialists and public officers, notaries are in a particularly good position to help you make decisions or settle conflicts.

Technology-based notarial act and remote signing

Since March 31, 2020, notaries have been able to meet with you while respecting physical distancing, and they have also been authorized to sign notarial acts remotely using a technological medium. To do this, a temporary solution was made available to notaries so they could meet the needs of the public.

Role of the notary and preventive justice

As a public officer, the notary is uniquely placed to help you make decisions or help you settle a conflict.

Public Officer

An outstanding legal advisor, his approach focuses on prevention, conciliation and alternative methods of conflict resolution, rather than litigation.

Find a notary

It is possible to check online whether a notary is indeed a member of the Chamber with our online tool. However, this service only contains the names of notaries who wish to be referred to the public.