Many clients are unaware of the preventive role of notaries. However, their advice helps you avoid missteps that could lead to costly litigation. Notaries perform several verifications so that you can enjoy your property with complete peace of mind.
What the notary does in relation to a sale that you don’t see!


During real estate transactions, a notary performs work for the seller, including ensuring the seller’s mortgage loan is paid, so the seller must assume the fees accordingly.

Purchase offer and preliminary contract

As legal experts in real estate law, notaries can draw up all necessary preliminary contracts—purchase offer, offer to sell, counter-offer, promise to purchase and promise to sell—up to the signing of the act of sale.

Purchase and sale (undivided co-ownership)

Undivided co-ownership is subject to specific rules. As experts in real estate law, notaries can advise you in the purchase or sale of property held in undivided co-ownership.

Condominium (divided co-ownership)

Divided co-ownership is a specific form of ownership. To avoid unpleasant surprises during the purchase or sale process, a notary can guide you through each step.