Business law is a key branch of the notarial profession. Companies, corporations, commercial buildings, agriculture law or taxation, for example, are all matters related to business law and many notaries are experts in those fields.

Lease, purchase, financing

The notary can assist you with the often confidential approach steps. He will also be able to prepare the tender offer, analyze the means of holding and what will be bought or sold (assets or shares), as well as financing possibilities.


It is better to talk to each other before you slip. Because the notary does not represent either party, he will remain neutral and impartial.

Notary or attorney?

Both the notary and the lawyer are legal advisers empowered to provide advice in all areas of law.

Starting a business

The notary can establish the legal structure of the company, frame the agreement between the partners in order to determine the responsibilities of each, make the necessary arrangements concerning intellectual property, ...

Transfer of a farm

Agricultural law involves increasingly complex transactions. Through his enlightened advice, the notary plays a pivotal role in these.