New certificate of search as of June 11, 2024

Since June 11, 2024, the Chambre des notaires has been issuing certificates of search for wills and mandates in electronic format (PDF). All certificates issued as of June 11, 2024—whether in paper or electronic format— have a different look from those issued up to June 10, 2024.

Clients can download their certificate as a PDF file. In all cases, anyone using the certificate needs to check it to make sure that it has not been changed since it was issued.

Are you the person who requested the certificate of search? Download it!

The person who requested a certificate of search will be able to download it after receiving an email containing the verification codes from the Register. The certificate can then be used electronically or printed out for use.

Are you using the certificate of search? Validate it!

It is the responsibility of the certificate user (financial institution or any other organization requiring it) to ensure that the certificate is valid before each use, for any certificate issued on paper format or electronically starting as of June 11, 2024.

Information required to validate a certificate

Anyone can validate a certificate using the certificate number and the verification code sent to the person who requested the certificate and indicated on the certificate of search issued by the Chambre des notaires. If the certificate of search is valid, it will appear on screen. You can download it, print it and keep it for your records.

Valid certificate

If you requested the certificate of search, the certificate will show the first three digits of the deceased’s social insurance number and their date of birth. If you didn’t request the certificate of search, these details will not appear on screen. But the document will be valid since you were able to obtain it using the codes from the person who requested the certificate.

Invalid certificate

If the certificate of search does not appear on screen, you need to make sure the codes were entered correctly for validation. If you entered the correct certificate number and the correct verification code but the certificate does not appear, a new certificate may have been issued by the Chambre because some information was changed since it was issued. You need to contact the person who requested the certificate to confirm the verification codes. In the event that a new certificate was issued by the Chambre (which is quite rare), it would have a new certificate number and new verification code.

To learn more about the validation tool for the new certificate of search, refer to the FAQ.