Download and validate certificates of search for the Registers

The certificates of search have a new look. The new certificate of search is issued in electronic format. You can download it and print it. In all cases, anyone using the certificate needs to check it to make sure that it has not been changed or falsified since it was issued.

Search the Registers

The registers of testamentary dispositions and mandates of the Chambre des notaires allow the public to trace the last will or protection mandate.

Quality and Authenticity Certificates

Certify the original signature of a notary on a document intended for foreign countries with an authenticity or quality certificate issued by the Secretary of the Order.

Validate the notary’s signature on a certified true copy of a technology-based document


Access the various forms for requesting services from the Chamber (some forms are only available in French)

Patrimony : your 360 guide (asset inventory guide)

Take an inventory of your property and documents in the event of death or incapacity. Heritage: your 360 guide, a tool offered free of charge by the Chambre des notaires.

Cooperation Agreement Between Notaries in France and Quebec

Quebec citizens residing in France and French citizens residing in Quebec can sign a notarial deed by proxy without having to travel.

Job offers, internships and volunteer offer

Are you considering a career in the Chamber? Consult our current vacancies or submit your resume using the web form available on this page.

Classified Ads

The Chambre des notaires offers everyone the possibility of publishing on its site classified ads related to the notarial profession.


Are you legally protected? Death, incapacity, disputes between business partners or co-owners, separation or divorce...these are all good reasons to take precautions. This test will provide a snapshot of your situation to guide your next steps. Answer as honestly as possible.

The Consent Registry for Organ and Tissue Donations

The Consent Registry for Organ and Tissue Donations of the Chambre des notaires du Québec was created on November 1, 2005, to record consent or denial of consent to donate organs and tissues as set out in wills or protection mandates executed before a notary.