Notaries are in breach of their professional ethics when they fail to fulfill their obligations through their conduct, their lack of integrity or diligence or any other infraction of the Professional Code, the Notaries Act, the Code of ethics of notaries or the other regulations to which they are subject.

Before submitting a request for an inquiry:

  • Contact your notary to obtain answers to your questions about your file.
    For example, if you are waiting for a copy of a notarized deed or a cheque and you need details about how long it will take, your notary will be able to answer.

Are you looking for legal information?
If you are looking for general legal information, we suggest that you check our frequently asked questions. There you will find answers to many questions about liquidating successions, selling property and other subjects.
For legal advice, do not hesitate to consult a notary.

Submitting a request for an inquiry by the Syndic

When there is evidence to suggest that a notary is not meeting their obligations, you can request that the Syndic of the Chambre des notaires conduct an inquiry.

Submitting a request for an inquiry by yourself

If you wish to file a complaint against a notary for breach of ethics, you are strongly recommended to contact the Investigations and Litigation Department by making a request for an investigation. The latter enjoys broad investigative powers which make him the best qualified professional to exercise this remedy.

However, it is also possible to file a complaint against a notary or an ex-notary by preparing your file yourself.