If you suspect that someone is falsely claiming to be a member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, it may be a case of illegal practice of the profession. Any person who believes that such a situation exists may inform the Chambre des notaires so that an inquiry may be conducted.

For example, illegal practice of the notarial profession exists when a person:

  • Gives legal advice or legal opinions without being a notary or lawyer
  • Identifies themselves as a notary without being a member in good standing of the Order
  • Acts in such a way as to give the impression that they are authorized to execute notarial acts
  • Uses the titles “Maître,” “Me” or “notary” despite not being on the roll of the Ordre des notaires (subject to the rights conferred on lawyers by the Act respecting the Barreau du Québec)
  • Behaves on social media or elsewhere in such a way as to suggest that they are a notary

Do you believe you have witnessed a case of illegal practice of the notarial profession? Please let us know! Your vigilance could prevent a lot of problems.

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