In accordance with its mission to protect the public, the Chambre des notaires ensures that notaries provide quality services to the public and that they maintain their skills throughout their careers, in four ways:

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    The Chambre des notaires oversees the professional practice of notaries through a rigorous inspection program. It also supports notaries by providing practice guides, standards of practice and guidelines to its members.

    i.         Inspection and support

    Practising notaries are inspected throughout the year. In particular, inspectors verify notaries’ management of trust accounts, their compliance with formalities for acts, the recordkeeping of their offices and files, the proper exercise of their duty to advise and, overall, compliance with proper practices. Inspectors may also suggest ways for notaries to improve their practice.

    Beginning of practice: Every new notary in private practice is inspected within one year of being entered on the roll of the Order. The purpose of this inspection is to support notaries at the beginning of their practice and to provide an overall evaluation of their management of their files, office and trust accounts, while reinforcing the duties and obligations inherent to the notarial profession.

    ii.            Professional Inspection Committee recommendations

    The Professional Inspection Committee can:

    • Have the notary correct a non-compliant practice and follow up with the notary to ensure that the practice remains corrected
    • Recommend that the notary take an internship or refresher course
    • Request that the Syndic of the Order investigate a breach of professional legislation allegedly committed by the notary

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    Professional training

    The Chambre des notaires establishes the admission requirements for the notarial profession, including the necessary training, skills and integrity for candidates to the profession. It also ensures that notaries’ skills are updated and developed through mandatory ongoing education.

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    The Chambre des notaires ensures compliance with applicable standards of practice, regulations and legislation, particularly with respect to ethics and professional conduct. It also monitors illegal practice and impersonation and prosecutes offenders.

  4. 4


    The Chambre des notaires deals with requests for information of all kinds. It informs the public about its role and shares information through various services, including:

    • The Chambre des notaires website, which provides direct access to relevant and comprehensive information on topics related to notarial practice. This includes the Find a Notary search tool, which allows the public to find the contact information of a professional to meet their legal needs
    • The Register of Testamentary Dispositions and Register of Protection Mandates, which allow the public to verify the existence of a will or mandate given in case of incapacity
    • Issuing quality and authenticity certificates for recognition abroad of a Quebec notarial act or document signed by a notary