Funding for Impact projects

The Chambre des notaires du Québec, through its Notarial Studies Fund (NSF), financially supports collective initiatives that encourage the development of a vibrant and accessible legal society for the people of Quebec.

Visit Notre legs to learn more about our social responsibility programs and see how NSF-funded organizations are driving positive outcomes for Quebecers(content in French only).

The Impact Projects component of the NSF’s General Financial Assistance Program is designed to support specific local, regional, and provincial initiatives that further the program’s objectives. It applies to developmental projects, i.e., projects that have growth potential or act as a catalyst for other initiatives, and projects that encourage stakeholder participation and synergy.

Funding is awarded based on merit and the availability of funds.

The General Financial Assistance Program, which applies to submitted applications, covers the following: 

  • Access to justice: Providing ongoing training and information or education on dispute prevention and resolution along with insights into real-world applications.
  • Evolution of the law: Conducting research and developing or revisiting doctrines or models that focus on areas such as notarial practice, medical assistance in dying, legal hypothecs for construction, surrogate motherhood and other elements of ongoing reforms pertaining to personal and family law, estates, divided co-ownership, and the evolving mission of public officers as digital identities become the norm.