The President is the Order’s leading authority and head of governance. The President’s role is performed on an exclusive and full-time basis. The President represents the Order and serves as the spokesperson both of the Board of Directors and the Order.

The President chairs the meetings of the Board of Directors and leads discussions at general meetings of members. The President also coordinates the work of the Board of Directors and ensures that its members comply with the standards of ethics and professional conduct determined by regulation of the Office des professions, as well as those set out in the Chambre des notaires’ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

The President has a right of general oversight over the affairs of the Board of Directors.

Finally, the President attends presidential mediation sessions with notaries when a dispute arises between colleagues on a subject related to the practice of the profession.

President of the Order

Me Hélène Potvin

“I am very happy to have been elected President of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and I am enthusiastic about the idea of ​​participating in the continuous improvement of the notarial profession. The context in which we are now pushes us to see things from other angles, to be agile, creative while having a great sense of responsibility. It is also with this in mind that I wish to bring the professional order closer to its members in order to ensure that quality services are offered at all times by notaries to the population, for their greater protection ”, underlines Me Potvin. .

Office of the President
Me Hélène Potvin