The Board of Directors exercises all the powers and prerogatives of the Order, except those that fall within the jurisdiction of the members of the Order assembled for a general meeting. It is responsible for general oversight of the Order. It provides a framework for and supervises the conduct of the Order’s affairs and the pursuit of its mandate. Its four main responsibilities are to:

  • Provide strategic leadership
  • Provide a structure for governance
  • Strengthen the culture of integrity
  • Ensure stable and efficient management

The President and directors are elected by universal suffrage by all members of the Order, for a term of four years. The Vice-President’s term of office is two years. The Board of Directors of the Order is made up of fifteen directors, including the President. Four directors are external members who are appointed by the Office des professions after consultation with the Conseil interprofessionnel and various socio-economic groups. Two of the external members are not members of a professional order.

List of Departments

  • General Directorate
  • Secretariat and Legal Services
  • Office of the Syndic
  • Support and Quality of the Profession
  • Corporate Responsibility and Innovation
  • Finance, Information and Technology
  • Client Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Liability insurance