The mission of the Chambre

is to contribute to the excellence of notarial practice, encourage the evolution of the law, promote access to preventive justice—these are all missions of the Chambre des notaires. There is a single objective: protecting the public.

The Chambre and Your Protection


Trust is an integral part of our mission. Client focus, collaboration, creativity and thoroughness are at the heart of our organizational culture. These values guide us every day in carrying out our activities and in our common resolve to maintain and strengthen confidence in the notarial profession and the Chambre des notaires.

Social responsibility and access to justice

The Chamber intervenes with government authorities and participates in various initiatives. to protect and disseminate the values ​​on which the Quebec legal system is based: equality, fairness and individual and collective responsibilities.

Do not hesitate to consult the briefs and reports of the working group.

Will searches

In the event of death, the existence of a will of the deceased must be verified in the register of testamentary dispositions of the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

Your Recourses

Several recourses towards your notary are available. We invite you to become aware of them in order to know your rights.

Certificates of authenticity

Certify the original signature of a notary on a document intended for abroad with a certificate of authenticity or quality issued by the secretary of the Order.

Tools for your protection

The Chambre des notaires offers you a multitude of online services.