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If the Syndic decides, after investigation, not to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council, the claimant can ask for an opinion from the Review Committee.

The claimant must submit the request, in writing, to the Review Committee secretary within 30 days of receiving the Syndic's decision not to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council.

Review Committee
The Review Committee is comprised of three people appointed by the Order's Board of Directors, one of whom serves as the representative of the public.

Possibility of presenting observations
The person who asks for a review can present observations to the Review Committee at any time before the decision is rendered.

The opinion
The Review Committee examines the Syndic's entire case and may hear from the Syndic and the person who requested the investigation. The committee renders its opinion, in writing, within 90 days of receiving the request.

In keeping with the provisions of the Professional Code, the committee must, in its opinion, come to one of the following conclusions:

  • there are no grounds to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council
  • the Syndic should continue the investigation and render a new decision about the need to file a complaint
  • a complaint should be filed with the Disciplinary Council and an Ad Hoc Syndic should be appointed which will, if required, after the investigation, make the decision concerning whether or not to file a complaint

The committee may also suggest that the Syndic refer the case to the Professional Inspection Committee.

To ask for an opinion from the Review Committee, please contact:

Secretary of the Review Committee
Chambre des notaires du Québec
2045, Stanley Street
Suite 101
Montreal Qc  H3A 2V4

Telephone: 514-879-1793 or toll free 1-800-263-1793, ext. 5922
Fax: 514-879-1923
Email: revision@cnq.org