To ensure the protection of personal information held by notaries and compliance with their professional standards, to develop best practices for information security and to maintain the public’s trust in a fully digital notarial practice, the notary and their technology-based solutions1 providers are subject to certain obligations and responsibilities in that respect.

1.Means a transaction platform, an app, a software or data service that enables the processing of information, the production of documents and the retention of data and documents.

Mandatory reporting to the Ordre

The notary must report the technology-based solutions they use in their professional practice to the Ordre. The notary must also report any subsequent changes.

Complete the appropriate form to submit a report (in Frech only)

Choosing a technology-based solution

As a notary, you must choose a technology-based solution that meets the requirements for information security and protection for your professional practice.

To help you choose the right options, you can:

1. Do business with an authorized provider (see tab below)
2. Evaluate whether the technology-based solution meets the security criteria (see tab below)

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