REMOTE NOTARIAL DEED: Since April 1st, notaries are allowed to sign a notarized document remotely. This is not compulsory and notaries are free to use this additional tool or not. Consult the steps and application procedures.
CHAMBRE DES NOTAIRES OFFICES: The Chamber's offices are open, but due to the circumstances related to the coronavirus some services are offered remotely. Additional delays apply for requests for searches in Registers of Testamentary Dispositions and Mandates, as well as for requests for a Certificate of Quality and Authenticity.


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Legal Notice

The information offered through the 1-800-NOTAIRE service and on our websites and online services is offered strictly for information purposes. The use of this information does not in any way engage the liability of the Chambre des notaires.

The information is presented in the form of summaries of various topics related to the notarial profession. It is accurate at the time of publication only and the site owner does not undertake any commitment to update it as changes are made.

Furthermore, the information that users transmit electronically when using the site will not be used in any way or at any time by the site owner. To this end, the site owner agrees to protect the confidentiality of the information and agrees not to collect any information and not to create a list of users of the site for marketing purposes.

Terms of use – Privacy statement and usage rules

All the services and information available through the Chambre des notaires du Québec websites and online services are subject to the following terms and conditions. By using or exploring these websites and online services as a user, you agree to comply with them.

Protection of personal information
As outlined in our Information Security Policy (available in French only), the Chambre des notaires is vigilant about security and privacy, especially the security and privacy of any personal information the user entrusts to us, where required, while using our websites and online services.

Limitation of liability
The Chambre des notaires does not guarantee uninterrupted access to our websites and online services. The Chambre des notaires does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness, for any purpose whatsoever, of the information, documents or other features of the site. These are offered "as is" at the time of publication.

The Chambre des notaires cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, direct or special, related directly or indirectly to the use or accuracy of the information provided or mentioned on this site or on any other site you may access through this site, even if the Chambre has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

Intellectual property laws
Unless otherwise indicated, the form and content of the website are protected by copyright and by Québec, Canadian and foreign intellectual property laws.

It is strictly prohibited for any user to sell or modify, for commercial purposes, the texts, opinions, notices, sample deeds or information contained, expressed or made available on this site. No one may reproduce this documentation for commercial purposes without first obtaining the written consent of the Chambre des notaires or the copyright owner.

The trademarks and logos on the site belong to the Chambre des notaires or third parties. Permission to use any of these trademarks must be obtained in writing from the owner of the trademark in question.

Security and privacy
The Chambre des notaires is in no way responsible for the potential transmission of computer viruses or other malware. Exploring the website and downloading documents and images from the site are entirely at the user's risk.

The Chambre des notaires forbids its employees, suppliers, mandataries, partners and any other person with whom it has a business relationship from deploying or using any type of spyware in the operation of the site.

When the user accesses the websites or online services, a cookie is automatically created that is valid for the duration of the session. Cookies must be activated for the sites and services to operate correctly.

To improve our services, cookies are used to analyze visits and site navigation. The statistics that are extracted, such as the number of site visits, the path taken and the length of the visit, are anonymous and the cookies cannot be used to identify the user.

The information gathered can only be used to provide the services requested or improve the navigation of the websites and services.

Links to other websites
This website contains links to other websites or Internet sources. The Chambre des notaires undertakes to remove any link that leads to a website that contains works reproduced without permission, as soon as it is informed of them. As the Chambre des notaires is unable to control these websites and external sources, it cannot be held responsible for their availability and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content, links, advertisements, products, services or any other materials provided in or through these websites or external sources. The Chambre des notaires cannot be held responsible for any actual or alleged damage or loss arising from having used or trusted the content, goods or services available through these sites or external sources.

Consequently, it is up to the user to be cautious in accessing the content of these external sites or sources and to assume all related risks, even when the user trusts that the content is appropriate, useful and complete.

Access to websites and services
Unless otherwise indicated, the websites and services are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, except in the case of force majeure or events beyond the control of the Chambre des notaires and subject to occasional shutdowns for the maintenance required to keep the service and materials functioning smoothly. The client assistance service is available during normal business hours. 

Governing laws
This agreement on the terms and conditions of use is governed by the laws of Québec. Any dispute regarding it shall be brought before the court of the district of Montréal.

The Chambre des notaires may modify these terms of use at any time, without prior warning, by simply updating this webpage.