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CHAMBRE DES NOTAIRES OFFICES: The Chamber's offices are open, but due to the circumstances related to the coronavirus some services are offered remotely. Additional delays apply for requests for searches in Registers of Testamentary Dispositions and Mandates, as well as for requests for a Certificate of Quality and Authenticity.


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Foreign Applicants

It is possible for a law graduate from outside Québec to apply for diploma or training equivalence by submitting an application to the Admissions Committee.

Since the content of educational programs taken by jurists abroad must be equivalent to those in Québec and take the specifics of Québec law into account, the committee generally recommends that before entering the master’s of notarial law program, applicants take undergraduate refresher courses of up to 60 credits, followed by the graduate diploma in notarial law. Each case is subject to a specific examination on the part of the Admissions Committee.

Steps to follow to apply for equivalence

  1. Register for an information session, by email or phone
  2. Make an appointment to submit an official application in person or mail in your application

Our contact information

Chambre des notaires du Québec
Preadmission training – Equivalence sector
2045, Stanley Street
Suite 101
Montreal Qc  H3A 2V4


Telephone: 1-800-263-1793, ext. 5788 or 514-879-1793, ext. 5788
Email: accesnotariat@cnq.org


Instructions for preparing an application
You must complete and print the three following forms and send them to us with the required documents:

All documents must be completed fully and accurately. Any omissions or inaccuracies in your answers will delay the processing of your file.

Required documents
Along with your application, please submit the originals and a photocopy  of the following documents:

  • a recent 10cm x 15cm (4" x 6") photograph (or larger)
  • your birth certificate


Translation of documents  
By virtue of section 7  al. 2 of the Règlement sur les normes d'équivalence de diplôme et de la formation aux fins de la délivrance d'un permis de la Chambre des notaires du Québec, documents submitted to support an application for diploma or training equivalence in order to practise the profession of notary in Québec that are written in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a French translation, attested under oath by a certified translator or, if the translator is not from Québec, recognized by the authorities in his or her province or country.

For more information, consult Règles de procédure applicables devant le Comité sur le contrôle de l’exercice de la profession notariale (available in French only).

Foreign Applicants