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What property is included in the family patrimony?

The family patrimony is made up of the following property owned by either spouse:

  • family residences or the rights that confer the use of them
  • movable property with which they are furnished or decorated and which serves for the use of the household
  • motor vehicles used for family travel
  • benefits accrued during the marriage or civil union under a retirement plan (except, in the event of death, a retirement plan governed or established by a law that grants a right to death benefits to the surviving spouse)
  • the earnings of each spouse during the marriage or civil union pursuant to the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan or similar programs (except in the event of death)

Property that is part of the family patrimony is not co-owned by married or civil union spouses. Instead, the law gives the spouses the right to share its value when the matrimonial regime is dissolved.

What property is excluded from the family patrimony?
Any property received by either spouse before or during the marriage or civil union by way of inheritance or deed of donation (or the property that replaced it) is excluded from the family patrimony.