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Can the notary help you determine child support and file the application for custody establishment or change?

The notary has the authority to apply child support payment rules in order to make the appropriate calculations. The notary can also put down in writing the parents’ agreement to review custody rights and rights of access.

In the interest of the child, all applications for custody or child support establishment or changes to which they are entitled must be presented to the court for approval. The rule applies to parents who are former common law spouses and to former married or civil union spouses who want to change the conditions initially established during the divorce or dissolution of their civil union.

If the parents mutually agree to all the conditions, the notary can then draft the agreement and all the necessary documentation. He/she can then present the application to the court and have the agreement homologated and ensure it has same judicial power as a judgment.

In order to guide you through the process of obtaining a child support determination or review :

 Given the importance of the choices you are required to make, you should seek advice from a notary if needed before finalizing your decision.

  • Consult the calculation tool to help parents estimate child support payments, based on their individual situation.