REMOTE NOTARIAL DEED: Since April 1st, notaries are allowed to sign a notarized document remotely. This is not compulsory and notaries are free to use this additional tool or not. Consult the steps and application procedures.
CHAMBRE DES NOTAIRES OFFICES: The Chamber's offices are open, but due to the circumstances related to the coronavirus some services are offered remotely. Additional delays apply for requests for searches in Registers of Testamentary Dispositions and Mandates, as well as for requests for a Certificate of Quality and Authenticity.




The Disciplinary Council is a quasi-judicial tribunal made up of three members: the president, who is a lawyer designated by the government, and two notaries, who are appointed by the Order's Board of Directors.

It hears complaints against notaries or former notaries related to breaches of professional ethics, that is, failures in duty through conduct, lack of integrity or diligence or any other infraction of the Professional Code, the Notaries Act, the Code of ethics of notaries or the other regulations they are subject to.

Disciplinary sanctions
Depending on the evidence presented, the Disciplinary Council renders a decision of guilty or not guilty and, in some cases, imposes one or more of the following sanctions:

  • reprimand
  • temporary or permanent striking from the roll of the Order
  • a fine of no less than $1,000 and no more than $12,500 for each infraction
  • the obligation to return funds that the professional is holding or should hold on behalf of any person to its rightful owner
  • the obligation to disclose a document or any information in the document and the obligation to complete, delete, update or rectify such a document or information
  • the limitation or suspension of the right to practise professional activities

Note: The Disciplinary Council can only impose the sanctions listed above and, consequently, does not have the power to grant the complainant compensation. To claim damages and interest, you must file proceedings with the civil courts.

An appeal may be filed with the Professions Tribunal within 30 days of a not-guilty decision or the imposition of a sanction by the Disciplinary Council. Unless there is an order to the contrary, the appeal suspends the execution of the decision to impose sanctions. The decision of the Professions Tribunal is open to judicial review before the higher authorities.