Becoming a notary Being a notary is...

choosing a preventive law approach. A notary’s training and legal knowledge allow him or her to help clients make the best choices and make informed decisions. A notary’s work helps relieve court congestion and promotes access to justice.

Why become a notary?

Because you’re interested in preventive law. Because you want to become a rigorous expert, a caring companion, a competent legal advisor. Because the profession gives you access to diversified fields of practice and, above all, because the public needs your valuable advice.

Competency framework

In order to practice, the notary must possess the competencies essential to the exercise of the profession.

Pathway to the profession

Did you know that the notary has more years of education than the lawyer?

Jobs and internships

Are you considering a career in the Chamber? Do you want to find an internship? Post a job or internship offer?

Expériences de notaires

Que cet expert juridique travaille dans un contexte plus traditionnel ou non, chaque trajectoire est différente.  Par le biais d’une série d’articles, découvrez différentes réalités de la profession.

Becoming a Notary