The Chambre des notaires

Among the mass information circulating, the notary is a key player in helping the public find its way, make better choices and protect itself. By contributing to the excellence of notarial practice, the Chambre is pursuing its mission to protect the public.

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A little more about the Chambre

Did you know that in Quebec, more than 3,900 notaries work every day to promote the preventive exercise of law, support the population during important stages of life, innovate and adapt to promote access to justice for all.

The Chamber is the professional order which frames and governs notarial practice while ensuring the protection of the public.

Are you looking for the last will?

In the event of death, the register of testamentary dispositions of the Chambre des notaires du Québec must verify the existence of a will of the deceased.

You wish to download or validate a research certificate?

You must have the certificate number and the verification code the Registrar sent to the person who requested the certificate.

The Chamber and your protection

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Your notary

Learn more about the notary, the role of the notary and his fields of expertise.

Your notarial services

Access legal information and find out how a notary can guide you through the different stages of your relationship, your family and your professional life.

Entracte Magazine

L’Entracte is a quarterly magazine aimed at notaries from all walks of life, in addition to reaching out to actors revolving around the notarial profession.

The Entracte is offered to notaries in paper format and a Web version is also accessible to everyone. The various topics covered are presented in the form of articles, files and interviews, and these are grouped under the following sections: legal, technology, management, trends and ethics.