With the company he founded, everything is fine. With an up-to-date will, everything will be better.




To protect your loved ones at the time of your death, a will is still by far the safest way to plan for the gradual takeover of the business by the next generation. Be sure to review it as your situation changes. 

 The notary can focus on the founder's family members or key employees of the business and provide them with guidance. From this point of view, several planning methods are possible, such as the subscription, by the SME, of life insurance policies for the founder. 

 The notary is the professional of choice to determine the preferred method of allocating property while reducing, if possible, the tax payable at death. In this regard, there are a number of different strategies, including an estate freeze that maximizes the entrepreneur’s wealth. The notary can therefore predict the consequences of certain future events (death, dissolution, tax planning, succession plan, sales contract, simple transfer of the business, employment contract, shareholder agreement, etc.). 

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In addition, Michel would be well advised to instigate a notarial protection mandate and choose the person he considers most suitable to run the company if he ever becomes unfit. In this way, he would avoid family divisions and legal costs.

Consult a notary and live with peace of mind

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