When health goes well, everything goes well. And with a notarized protection mandate, everything will be better.




Everything will continue to be fine for Catherine, even if her state of health could make her unable to make decisions or act for herself. Indeed, she took the lead and made a notarized protection mandate in which she has expressed her wishes on the decisions that must be taken to protect her. The person she has appointed as an agent will therefore be able to take care of her and her property.

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By doing her notarized protection mandate, Catherine ensures that her values and wishes will be respected. The notary ensured that she was capable to make her decisions, was not influenced by other people, explained the consequences of her choices, and clearly formulated her wishes in writing. 

In addition, a notarized protection mandate has the advantage of avoiding delays and costs in the procedures for appointing a guardian or curator, which are much higher than those related to the preparation of the mandate. Indeed, Catherine has prevented third parties from determining in her place who will take care of her well-being. 

The notarized protection mandate also allows Catherine to determine how the designated person will have to make decisions that affect her, including consent to care, accommodation, and administration of her property.. 

A notarized mandate is registered at the Chambre des notaires, so it is easy to find, it cannot be lost, altered (falsified), or destroyed as the original is kept by the notary. 

Consult a notary and live with peace of mind.

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